Today's Winner at the Fiber Welding Competition at ECOC

A big congratulations to Andreas Sundström from Network Advisor who is today's winner in the fiber welding competition! Andreas took part in the competition yesterday and did well, but it wasn't enough. Today he got his revenge with an improved result of 0,02 DB and a time of 2:09. Andreas is a former student from our vocational training for Fiber Optic Technicians. A smart watch from Huawei is on it's way to Andreas!



Bobby Pontén, owner of Optocom got a fantastic result of 0,03 DB with a really sharp time of 1:17. 


Today's first competitor, Karokh Jaff from Ericsson, sets a high standard with 0.04dB and 2:28. A result and a time that's going to be hard to beat! See you in booth 312 at ECOC.

During the exhibition we have had a lot of visitors to our booth with people from different parts of the industry and from many countries, which was fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who visited us during the ECOC exhibition, we look forward to seeing you in the future!