Jonah is Proud of Her Training from Iftac and has Realized Her Dreams as an Agil System Developer

Interest in realizing my dreams along with love brought me from the Philippines to Harmånger in Hälsingland, Sweden. Before that, I had been educated in computer science in my home country and held several positions as Technical Consultant, Travel Consultant and SEO Consultant in several international companies. My first meeting with Sweden was to learn the Swedish language. I realized that knowledge of Swedish would be absolutely necessary if I wanted to enter the Swedish labor market. After completing SFI and SAS (Swedish as Second Language), I invested in further development in the IT field.

In addition to this, the education situation would give me further opportunities to develop my Swedish language. In 2013, I searched and joined Iftac's YH Agil System Developer training in Hudiksvall and graduated in the summer of 2015. It was a very instructive time and during the 2nd year of education I completed my last LIA period at the Wiking Group in Hudiksvall. After I graduated, I was told I could continue with a summer job post at the company. After that, I received a shorter job as a web developer at Cybercom in Sundsvall.

I wanted to learn even more and looked for another training at Iftac, Java developer, which I was also really enjoyed. Besides the education, I also had part-time job at Xlent in Hudiksvall. After the first year of the education, I received an offer I could not refuse to start working as an IT consultant at the IT company Frontwalker Sundsvall, which is part of the MSC Group. I now work there as a System Developer and develop a Sustainability Portal for Climate and Environmental Monitoring. In parallel, I work as a business developer and educator for Frontwalker Kidz, a programming education aimed at children and young people. I really enjoy doing this as part of a familiar team.

I really want to encourage other girls to get involved in IT. It's fun, exciting, instructive and there's a lot of jobs out there.


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