Iftac was Johan Fältolm's Springboard into the Telecom Industry

I am 25 years old and work at the Telia Company Control Centre in Karlstad. With about 100 employees Telia is one of the world's largest carriers. We are responsible for amongst other things the backbone of the Swedish broadband network. A number of team handle monitoring, troubleshooting and correcting faults in the network. I've been working on the IP team since the summer of 2015. We monitor a variety of things including routers and switches. When we are alerted to various incidents in the network, we create problem-tickets, start the troubleshooting process and then fix it. Sometimes it's small problems and at other times serious incidents that could echo in the media worldwide. There have been seven employees who studied in Hudiksvall on Iftac's IT courses. Right now there are five in our group with this background. The work requires a deep and broad knowledge of the functionality of the IT infrastructure. I have a very interesting and rewarding job with constant contact with colleagues all over the world and I really feel that I'm doing well and I continue to learn new things all the time.

For me the springboard into this world was the Urban Network Engineer training in Hudiksvall and the work placement period at Telia, which became employment in 2015. During high school, I had a strong IT interest and after tips from friends who have undergone training at Iftac I followed in their footsteps. I have not regretted it! The training was specialized on advanced Cisco technology in combination with the construction of fiber optic networks. It gave me the foundation I needed to start and hopefully to make a career in the telecommunications industry.