Iftac Elected by Ericsson Iraq as Training Partner of Technicians for 5 weeks in Hudiksvall

All 15 participants were employees at the Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company with  background and experience as technicians, engineers and supervisors. After a long period including discussions about a variety of training places, at the end Hudiksvall was chosen.

The training area was wide with the goal to prepare for the roll-out of FTTH, initially in Baghdad. It was a positive and enthusiastic group who arrived to Hudiksvall in early January for a long training period in which the city did not show it´s best side of the weather. Anyway, the group started their training period with advanced theory and all phases of practical fibre optic network construction, network planning and troubleshooting using GPS technology.

During the period the group also had time with a number of side activities during the weekends, snowmobile safari in Hassela, barbecue, bowling, soccer, hockey, a trip to Stockholm and even a trip to Finland. On February 12, we waved the group on the station in Hudiksvall and it felt as if we and our visitors had grown with new experiences across borders.