Fiber Welding Competition at ECOC 2017

The Fiber Welding Competition being held by Iftac and ICT Education in booth 312 at the ECOC exhibition, is a great success and installers are getting involved in testing their skills with fiber welding a 12-fiber ribbon.

Jovan Dedic from Televex in Montenegro became the first day's winner in our fiber welding competition!

He works as a project manager for FTTH construction in Montenegro. He won with the lowest total attenuation of 0.04dB and is the first winner of a stylish smart watch from Huawei.

Elisabeth Rooth from JL Teleteknik had 0,13dB and a time of 9:39

Mihai Brescu from Crazy Communications AB had a result of: 0,09dB and a time of 3:16