Emil Samuelsson - Work Placement Led to Employment

I grew up in Hudiksvall, in Sweden. After graduating from the local Broman Upper Secondary School where I studied the Electricity and Energy program with a focus on IT, I tried working on the local labor market for a number of years.

I alternated between temporary jobs and then worked a relatively long period in the trade as a seller in the electronics field. When the shop was closed down in 2013, I decided to look for local training courses and I found Iftac and the Urban Network Engineer training course. The training matched my interests so I sent in an application and was accepted. The course was challenging but very stimulating.

During a total of three work placement periods I was able to apply my skills at various sites, make contacts and learn even more.

During my last work placement in the spring of 2015, I worked at GothNet in Gothenburg. After my graduation from Iftac I was offered a summer job with them, which then led to a probation period that ultimately led to being employed as a planning engineer. GothNet is Gothenburg's city network where the main product is the transmission and delivery of services such as Internet and IP telephony etc. As a planning engineer I work with network planning, programming of routers and more.

With my training as a launching pad, I have really come to the right place. I'm very happy with my work.