ECOC 2017 Fiber Welding Competition Day 2

We congratulate Lars-Göran Andersson from Ericsson who became the day's winner in the competition. Lars-Göran showed great dexterity and had a result of at 0.05dB and time 3:35.

A Huawei smart watch is on its way, once again congratulations L-G!


We have a steady stream of visitors to our booth as many come to test their knowledge in fiber welding.We have competitors from many different countries and currently Andreas Sundström, who is a network advisor, has a great result of 0,08 DB with a time of 2:22.

We are really pleased as Andreas is also a former student from our vocational training for Fiber Optic Technicians.


Edgar Velandia, who is taking part in one of our training courses for telecommunications technicians, visited us in the booth and became today's first contestant.