Amed Wael Really Enjoys his Work and is Glad he Undertook his Training in Hudiksvall

My name is Amed Wael, I am 29 years old and I live in Gothenburg. My decision to apply for the City Network Engineer course in Hudiksvall was no coincidence. Since childhood, I have been extremely interested in IT, building computers, finding out everything there is to know about the computer's components and functions and last but not least, all there is to know about building networks. It was not difficult to choose this course. The City Network Engineer training was unique as it covered most of the knowledge needed for a career in the telecommunications industry.

The course was quite demanding but with the help of my own persistence, will and my highly skilled teachers, I got through the training in the spring of 2014 with a qualification. I was offered the job before my training ended. It happened during my last work placement at Topfibre in Hultsfred. During the transition between finishing my education and working, I stayed at Topfibre for about a year. The position gave me the experience and skills that I needed to go ahead with great self-confidence. I got the chance to apply for a position as team leader of a group of fiber technicians at Eltel Networks in Gothenburg. I got the job and gained lots of new experience that after a while, led to me being offered a job as as a planner at the company. I have since moved on and I'm now working as a project manager in various fiber roll-out projects in western Sweden. I'm very happy with my work and do not regret for a second that I went to Hudiksvall and can actually look back with fond and warm memories when I think of my time training up there in the north of Sweden.