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The fibre technician’s basics

This course introduces you to the fibre technician’s daily work. You will achieve the skills needed for working with fibre optic installation techniques.


Those who rapidly would like to adopt established fibre optic installation techniques.


Some experience from installation in the infrastructure environment of IT.


When the course is completed the attendant should have achieved basic knowledge on the characteristics of the optical fibre and fibre optic cables. Fibresplicing and cable jointing are included as well as measuring and troubleshooting using an OTDR instrument.


  • Characteristics of optical fibre. Types, fields of application and installation methods.
  • Splicing of loose fibres and fibre ribbons.
  • Splicing in manholes and joint closures.
  • Ribbonising. Choosing tools and cable handling.
  • Critical operations during installation.
  • Documentation of completed jointings, check-ups.
  • Mid span access.
  • The OTDR instrument. Functions, fields of application, potentials and limitations.
  • Technical terms, such as dB and dBm.
  • Measuring transmission attenuation, splice attenuation and length.
  • Analysis of measured curves.
  • Troubleshooting of fibre links and cable breakdown caused by cuble cuts.
  • Documentation of fibre links and networks.
  • Verification of fibre links using a stabilised light source and a detector.


7 days. Theory combined with hands on training.


Will be issued when the course is completed.


On request special courses may be provided.

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