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Micro/mini cable splicing

In the installation and maintenance of a fibre optic network, splicing of cables is a necessity. Splicing of optical cable comprises many critical steps that demand a high degree of skill from the technician.


Installation and maintenance personnel.


Experience of fibre fusion splicing.


On completion of the course the participant should be able to perform the splicing of the optical cable in a joint closure, and terminate the micro/mini cable into an ODF. The course participant should also be familiar with the principle of mid span access.


  • General knowledge of the design of the micro/mini cable
  • Ribbonising of fiber
  • The differences between cable types and their sector of application
  • Choice of tools and handling of cables
  • Critical moments in the splicing process, coiling in manholes, joint closures and splice trays
  • Organisation and splicing of fibre in joint closures and ODFs
  • Testing and documentation of completed splice
  • Sealing test of an installed joint closure


2 days. Theory combined with hands-on training.


After completion of the course the participant will receive a certificate specifying that the participant has knowledge of micro/mini cable technology and is familiar with the handling of cables, ducts and equipment. The certificate is issued by a qualified instructor.

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