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Micro/mini cable blowing technique

The micro/mini cable concept, based on multiducts and micro/mini cables, is a very cost effective alternative compared to the traditional installation methods of cables and ducts in an urban environment. The system offers great flexibility and scalability without the costs for further trenching.


Installers who need to be able to use micro/mini cable technology in connection with the installation of a scalable infrastructure. Network planners and owners with the intention of installing micro/mini cable systems.


No previous qualifications required.


On completion of the course the participant will know how to determine which combinations of micro/mini cables to use in particular microducts. He/she will understand how to handle micro/mini cable, and how the managing differs from traditional fibre. The participant will be able to branch off a microduct from a multiduct with an acceptable result. He/she can also determine the approximate length a micro/mini cable cable can be blown in different situations and with different materials.


  • Splicing of ducts and out-branching of a microduct from a multiduct.
  • Demonstration of the blowing tool, its handling and maintenance.
  • Blowing micro/mini cable into a microduct.
  • Micro/mini cable handling.
  • Specific installation situations.


2 days. Theory combined with hands-on training.


After completion of the course a certificate will be issued, specifying that the participant has knowledge of micro/mini cable technology and is familiar with the handling of cables, ducts and equipment. The certificate is issued by a qualified instructor.

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