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Measuring techniques for optical fibre

The OTDR instrument is the most common tool used for the construction, maintenance and repair of optical networks. It has many functions and is easy to operate. The instrument gives the user detailed information about the fibre network. Another common and useful instrument for measuring fibre optic links is a stabilized light source combined with a power meter. Together the instruments mentioned above cover most measurement requirements within a fibre optic network.


The course is designed for people who are going to make measurements on optical fibres in connection with the installation and maintenance of optical networks or in laboratories and in other situations.


Introduction to optical fibre technology or its equivalent.


After completion of the course you should be able to make measurements with the OTDR and interpret and analyse the results. You will know how to measure the transmission and attenuation of a fibre link using a stabilized light source and a power meter. You should also be able to document the results of the measurements obtained, and be able to troubleshoot with dB meter and OTDR at customer faults and cable faults.


You will learn about

  • The theory of fibre
  • The design and function of the OTDR
  • Different sectors of application of the OTDR, its possibilities and limitations.
  • Measurement of attenuation, length and splice losses
  • Analysing the display presented on the OTDR
  • Localisation of faults, i.e. breaks in a link, using an OTDR
  • Documentation of fibre links and networks
  • Defining dB and dBm
  • Measurement of fibre links using stabilized light source and power meter.


3 days. Theory combined with hands-on training.

This course is also a part of the 7 days of ”The fibre technician´s basics”.


On request special courses may be provided.

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