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Introduction to the new fibre optic it-infrastructure

The fibre optic infrastructure is becoming increasingly fine-meshed. The course will give a comprehensive view over how this infrastructure can be built up and which services we will see today and in a near future. We will cover national and regional networks to fibre optic networks all the way to the end user. Success stories will also be shared. The course will also focus on the different choices of fibre, cable and ducts. Furthermore, the techniques of measurement and splicing and some simple calculation exercises are included in the course.


The course is recommended for people involved in the planning or construction of fibre optic networks e.g. consultants, network owners, project managers, city planners, installation personnel, property owners and teachers of technical and scientific subjects.




You will learn about

  • Previous, present and future networks.
  • Transmission (bit, byte, routers, switches, the OSI-model, TCP/IP) – an outline.
  • Networks, nodes and node security – an outline.
  • Optical fibre and fibre cables - characteristics, choices and handling.
  • Ducts.
  • Calculation of the link budget for a FTTX-network.
  • Installation methods.


1 day, compiled of theory and some calculation exercises.

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