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Deployment of optical cables & ducts

Installation of optical fibre networks requires both knowledge and good technical skills. The quality of a fibre network is crucial for the performance needs in the future. The correct quality is achieved by appropriate management from delivery of the cable to the completed installation.


Personnel handling optical cable in connection with deployment: contractors, supervisors, installers, planners and controllers.


On completion of the course you should understand and be able to fulfil the requirements that are set in connection with deployment of optical cables and ducts. You should be able to work with optical cables according to an agreed level of quality.


  • An introduction to optical cable, specifications and handling requirements as well as factors that influence the lifespan of the optical cable.
  • A general idea of project planning including construction and working methods, cable direction and joints.
  • Handling of cable drums.
  • Methods for different ways of deployment.
  • Micro technology, microducts, fibre bundles and handling of micro-cable.
  • Equipment used in different deployment methods.
  • Ducts; quality and dimensions

Practical work at a training site

  • Mechanical cable feeding and manual pulling.
  • Coiling of optical cable in manholes.
  • Microduct installation in an existing duct.
  • Installation of optical cable and micro-cable using a blowing technique.


5 days. Theory combined with hands-on training.


After completion of the course the participant will receive a certificate stating that the holder has basic knowledge of deployment of optical cables and is well acquainted with the current quality requirements. The certificate is issued by a qualified instructor.


On request special courses may be provided.

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