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Copper cable handling

The copper network will, for the foreseeable future, remain as a part of and a complement to the fibre optic network in the IT infrastructure. In the same way as other infrastructures copper network will be continuously upgraded and maintained. The course, “Copper Cable Splicing” emanates from the requirements that network owners place on the contractors who construct and maintain the network.


Personnel working on the copper network - its construction and maintenance.




On completion of the course the participant should have good knowledge of a telecommunications network framework, be able to read and interpret splicing plans and network maps, check and document an existing or rebuilt installation. The participant should also have good knowledge of the regulations comprised by the network owner’s specifications, the rules of procedure, material specifications, work methods and routines. The participant should be able to joint and terminate primary and secondary cables, and work without interrupting the on going traffic.


  • Telecommunications network structure and the requirements of network owners.
  • Labs, different methods of jointing of copper cables, to work without interrupting on going traffic, termination.
  • Cable deployment and connection, from switching center to costumer.
  • The concept of pressure-protection and pressure-protected cables, action taken before and after the job in the pressure-protected network and the construction of preventive measures for lightning protection.


5 days.


Issued on completion of the course.

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