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Air Blown Fibre Installation

A rapidly increasing choice of services, and an expanding demand for quick and easy communication, has led to an increased need for bandwidth. The demand for fibre to the home is expanding, and it is essential to use efficient installation methods. The air blown fibre technique is a concept for blowing fibres through microducts, both indoors and outdoors. Air blown fibre provides a quick, efficient and cost effective way to build a future-proof premises network.

Air blown fibre is a total concept comprising:
- a complete range of products
- education and training

Iftac has been appointed by different vendors to deliver education and training to air blown fibre customers. After completion of the training, a certificate will be issued.


Network owners, planners and installers dealing with air blown fibre technology.


Experience of fusion splicing.


The course certificate will authorize and identify the participant as an Certified Air Blown Fibre Installer.

You will learn about

  • Fibre optical premises networks in general.
  • The best way to install microducts.
  • To install, joint and terminate microducts.
  • To blow fibres in a safe way.
  • To splice and organise fibres in distribution frames.
  • Documentation of completed links.


2 days, with a mix of theory and practice.

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