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Aerial opto/ADSS cable installation

ADSS technology is a traditional application for the installation of aerial opto systems. The course is mainly practical and focuses on skill. Some theoretical lectures including demonstrations explaining the critical factors are included.


Jointers, engineers, supervisors and project managers involved in fibreoptic installation projects or staff who needs skill and knowledge about installation of ADSS cable, practical and theoretical.


Basic knowledge of fibre optic cable splicing and testing. Basic knowledge of written and spoken English.


The participants will after the completion of the course have the necessary knowledge about the theoretical aspects of the technology. The participants also will be able to master all elements needed for a successful installation of an ADSS-system.


  • Fundamental fibre optical theory.
  • Identify and understand the critical factors when installing, splicing and terminating optical fibre cables.
  • Fusion splicing and cable jointing.
  • Deployment of ADSS cables along a pole line.
  • Installation of the fibre and cable into a joint closure.
  • Attenuation measurements and specifications for aerial optical fibre links.


5 days.

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