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Access network technician

Installation of fibre optical networks into the access and premises network requires both knowledge and good technical skills. The quality of a fibre network is crucial for the performance needs in the future. The correct quality is achieved by appropriate management of the cable to the complete installation.


Personnel handling optical cable and performing installations in the access and premises network.


For five days you will learn in theory and in practice how to plan, install and quality assure access cables and networks at customer premises. You will learn blowing techniques with ABF, nano cable. Handling at specific installation situations. Maintenance of blowing equipment.


Experience of working with copper cable installation at customer’s premises is an advantage when attending the course.


  • Basic Fibre Optic theory
  • Splicing of single fibers against ribbon fibers and ribbonisation
  • Termination in splicing and termination box
  • Splicing of pigtail toward blown fiber in customers wall outlet
  • Interpretation of documentation of fibre optic networks
  • Example of Swedish customers demand of measurement in their network and stations
  • Different sectors of application of the OTDR, its possibilities and limitations
  • Analyzing the display presented on the OTDR
  • Practical training in measuring of a fibre optical network, locations of faults, i.e. breaks in a link, using OTDR, parameter settings and dB meters.
  • Blowing of air blown fibers
  • Attenuation measurement of SFP (Small form factor pluggable)


5 days. Theory combined with hands-on training.


On request special courses may be provided.

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