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Robust Fiber

Robust Fiber 

Training and certification for individuals and companies according to the Swedish standard Robust Fiber.

Sweden is at the forefront when it comes to fiber optic technology standards and techniques. Robust Fiber is a standard for the Swedish market. We offer training and certification for individuals and companies within the Robust Fiber concept, which covers fiber installation, civil works and deployment.

Robust fiber has been developed in cooperation with the SwedishNational Post and Telecom Agency and other actors in the industry. The purpose is to provide clear guidance to those who want to build robust and reliable fiber networks. Education and certification guarantees that construction and maintenance follow the agreed standard for how a network should be built in order to be robust and reliable. 

Robust fiber includes fiber installation techniques, deployment and surveillance of networks. Robust includes instructions for everything from design and installation methods to material selection and documentation routines.

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