Education and Certification for Quality Assured Broadband Expansion

Education and Certification for Quality Assured Broadband Expansion

Knowledge and competence is the key to a quality assured fiber to the home investment. We optimize the working methods for planning, installation and maintenance of broadband networks.

Iftac and ICT Education are independent education providers who offer collaborative high-quality theoretical and practical training and guidance in strategy, project management, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. In Norway we are active under the name Edugrade.

Together, Iftac and ICT Education have many years of experience in developing and implementing education at different levels - from higher education to shorter courses. By providing world class training to people working within broadband expansion, we have given expertise and know how to leading network owners, operators, system vendors and installation companies for many years. The goal is always to minimize faults and optimize methods for building a secure and safe fiber optic communication network that will last a long time.

With us as your educational partner, you and your company can increase your competitive edge.

Welcome to Iftac and ICT!

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A Knowledge Hub for Broadband Expansion in Europe

Our vision is to become a knowledge hub for broadband expansion in Europe. To get there, we will continue to broaden our channels for communication and create platforms for collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Integration of innovation processes, research and higher education will also be achieved. 

For us, the journey has only just begun. We will continue to launch projects that spread the knowledge of how to utilize and quality assure the fiber access networks needed for society’s future digitalization.


Advanced Vocational Education program

Iftac has been conducting advanced training in IT and telecommunications since 1997.

Every year, about two hundred telecom technicians are trained and over 90% go straight into employment. The courses are designed in close collaboration with the industry and serve as an important recruitment channel. Our trainers have long experience of education in Sweden as well as internationally. 

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Commissioned Training

The lack of qualified personnel is evident in this growth industry and demand is high on the market for companies with staff that have the right skills. Companies that have competent staff and can quality assure their services, have good chances to grow and develop.

We are authorized to train all professional groups needed for planning, designing, building and maintaining broadband networks. We develop and teach structured and efficient working methods that meet current requirements and enhance the quality of the networks.


Certification and Setting of Standards

Certification according to national or customer specific standards, is a more common way for network owners and other players to ensure the quality of their fiber networks. Certifying both companies and individuals is a way of making sure that fiber networks are built and maintained according to the current standards. 

We have been involved in the development of the Swedish Standard Robust Fiber, which covers both fiber technology, deployment and inspection. Today, we train and conduct tests for diplomas and certification according to this standard and also according to the US standard ETA. We can design customer-specific product and system certifications, all with the purpose of educating quality-conscious telecom technicians.

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Quality Assurance Services

We also offer quality assurance services such as sample checks and surveillance of networks.

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In all our activities, we strive to contribute to creating a stable and sustainable IT infrastructure.

We are authorized as:

  • Cisco Instructor Training Center
  • Cisco Academy Support Center
  • Ericson Partner
  • VM ware Academy Partner
  • Pearson / VUE Testing Partner
  • EMC Academy Alliance partner
  • Educators in Cisco's technologies and products


A Part of Hexatronic Group

Hexatronic Group specializes in product and system solutions primarily within fiber communications. The Group offers a broad range of products and system solutions with a focus on infrastructure for passive fiber optics.

Hexatronic has the stability and resources of a large Group, combined with the flexibility and speed of a small company. Hexatronic is based in Sweden, but operates in a global market. Our customers are companies in the telecommunications industry, such as telecom operators, network owners, distributors and systems integrators. The Groups headquarters are in Sweden with sales offices and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States.

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